Our Releases

The authors of a popular book also are makers of Primavet-Sofia.:

Panchev, I., Popova, V.: – “Primary Training of the Dog” book 1, 1999, book 2, 2004, edition “Kibela - Sofia”

• Primavet-Sofia represents the results of its R&D for new products on national and international scientific forums and releases them in the specialized press.

• Scientific and popular scientific articles by the specialists of the firm and by other experts about products of the firm are released in various periodicals and journals.

Read a list of articles about themes to veterinary medicinal products of Primavet-Sofia for food producing animals and pets on pdf-file here.

Read a list of articles about themes to products of Primavet-Sofia for health care at bees on pdf-file here.

The company edits newsletter “Sdrava pchela” (Healthy bee) – specialized about problems in the health care of bees. You can read all the issues of the newsletter “Sdrava pchela” on pdf-files on the website of Primavet-Sofia.