Primavet-Sofi a Ltd. was established in 1993 specializing in development, production and trade in pharmaceutical products and feed for animals and also cosmetic products for animals and humans. More than 30 veterinary medicinal products and more than 10 cosmetic and dental products for pets were developed and released into production for the past period, also some supplementary and special feeds for animals and cosmetics for humans containing bee products.
The quality of the products is guaranteed by GMP, HACCP.
The Quality Management System of the company is certifi ed as per ISO 9001-2000.
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Primavet – Sofia works with a highly-qualified production team in an own production site of 1 200 square meters area and equipped with modern equipment. The company produces effective veterinary medicinal products for prophylaxis and treatment of bee hives, pets and farm animals.
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The company’s experts in cooperation with research workers from scientific centers develop new products, perform laboratory and clinical tests.