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Primavet - Sofia is proud of the awards received for its products and activities on international scientific conferences and exhibitions.
On Bulgarian national apicultural conferences and exhibitions the company is decorated many times by documents for participation in development of apiculture and bee health care, certificates, honour-membership in beekeeper organizations, medals.
Products of Primavet-Sofia are quoted and described in textbooks and encyclopedias:
  • Koichev, K., G. Elezov, P. Kamburov, B. Georgiev, “Diseases in Dogs “
  • Kochankov D., N. Vassilev, P. Parvanov, “Diseases of Sexual Organs in Dogs and Cats “
  • Borissov, I., “Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery “
  • Gurgulova K. and others. “Diseases and Pests of Bees” 1. edition (published in Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian and Russian).
  • Kanchev K., “Diseases of Bees”
  • Denkov C. "Encyclopedia of the Dog", 1. and 2. edition


Press notices of the activity of Primavet-Sofia:

  1. BNR: “Bulgarian pharmaceutical company – Innovative Enterprise 2010” (20.05.2011)
  2. Article in “Kapital” about Primavet-Sofia and the award for most innovative enterprise among small and medium enterprises for 2010 (20.05.2011)
  3. Brezovska, Ya. – “Primavet-Sofia Ltd. 10 years produces veterinary medicines”, magazine “Practical agriculture and household”, items 8, 22- 23, 2004
  4. Editorial of “Beekeeper’s Newspaper” – “Primavet-Sofia Ltd. – desired partner of the beekeepers”, pc.15, 8, 2004
  5. Editorial of “Bee and Hive” – “Apimondia 2003 – Worthy presentation of the science”, pc.110, 8, 2003
  6. Editorial of “Beekeeping” – “Apimondia touch the Bulgarian beekeepers”, pc. 10, 7 - 10, 2003