Our policy

Primavet - Sofia Ltd. strives to provide our customers products with the expected quality and reliability. Achieving this objective is implemented through the use of quality materials, experience and modern technological equipment.
Primavet - Sofia Ltd. is a licensed manufacturer for veterinary medicinal products and complies the requirements of Good manufacturing practice by:
  • Carrying out production according to licensed manufacturing steps and processes
  • Generating, maintaining and storing according to rule complete manufacturing and firm records
  • Performs ongoing quality control of raw materials used
  • Controls the production process of intermediate products and the finished drug forms
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the products

Manufacture of veterinary medicinal products is a specialized process, based on high standards of quality, safety and efficacy of the products.
The process of creation, registration and production of veterinary medicinal products is licensed by the draft European and Bulgarian law and other regulations. What is valid also for the supplementary and special feeds, biocides and cosmetics.

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