Products for bees

Against the mite Varroa destructor up to 99,9% efficacy. 

Varostop are veneer strips, on which the active substance Flumethrin is laid on.
Flumethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid , what has contact acaricide effect against the mite Varroa destructor and doesn’t make adverse reactions on the bees, the brood and the queen.
The strips are put/hung down/ among the frames. When crawling on them, the bees take on their bodies/ limbs, pili, wings/ from the active substance and carry it around all over the hive through their social behavior.Minimum quantity of the active substance is necessary to destroy the mites.

For prophylaxis and treatment of varroatosis in bees designated for conventional and biological beekeeping.
Ecostop – contains natural active biological substances with acaricide effect - Thymolum and Oleum menthae.
Thymol has acaricide properties towards Varroa destructor.
Thymol has also bactericidal, antimycotic and antiseptic effect which helps the general sanitization of the bee family. Thymol is a natural product and a natural ingredient of honey.
Mint oil has acaricidic, bacteriostatic and fungicidic effect in the bee family.

 Against nosematosis in bees without antibiotic

Nosestat is a veterinary medicinal product for the treatment and prophylaxis of the nosematosis with proved efficacy from 89% to 94 against Nosema apis and up to 74% against Nosema ceranae.The active substances iodine and formic acid have certain antiprotozoal effect. They destroy the Nosema parasites and their spores by oral administration with the curative sugar syrup or curative honey-sugar dough. The contagion outside the organism of the bees in honeycombs, honey, walls of the hive and other must to be terminate by Good beekeeping practice and disinfection.

Biocidal preparation for disinfection in case of ascospherosis (chalk brood) and aspergillosis (stone brood) in bee colonies.
The active substance of Fungisan is a quaternary ammonium compound with fungicidal effect against Ascosphaera apis and Aspergillus as well as disinfection properties against a wide specter infectious agents.

Bee family stimulant
Startovit improves the health and raises the productivity of bee families.
The supplementary combined feed for bees Startovit contains in an optimal composition the trace element cobalt, sodium chloride and phosphorus.
Cobalt – by supplementary mineral feeding the egg-laying by the queen increases – up to 19% more brood, the quantity of the bees increases up to 30% and their vital functions are activated.
Phosphorus – is necessary in the growth and the quick physiological renovation of the individuals in the bee family (quickly growing larvae). In the intensive feeding of the brood, the needs of phosphorus are bigger.
Sodium and chloride ions – for the maintenance of the osmotic pressure in the bee organism and tissues, maintains the biochemical processes and functions.

Combined feed supplement for bees.
Optimized ingredients: Methionine – a protein component, which is assimilated directly by the bees; it participates in the forming of the fatty candy and regulates the metabolism of proteins and fats. Vitamin Е – it is necessary for the fecundity of the mother-bee and it is a stimulant of the growth of the bee family having brood of better quality and increased vitality of the bees.

Shortage of flower pollen in the second half of the winter makes it necessary the protein components to be added to the carbohydrate food in the stimulating feeding. We put the methionine amino acid in the ingredients of Apitonus as a protein component absorbable by the bee organism and dissociated to its constituent parts – the amino acids.

Combined supplementary feed for bees – protein concentrate.
In case of deficiency of pollen in the bee colony Probuda is added to the hemi-solid feeding dough of sugar and/or honey, to support the feeding up of the larvae.
Probuda uses to be added to the first spring supplementary feeding of the bees to obtain adequate young bees and for hungry colonies during the winter and early in the spring.
Probuda contains standardized non-fat dry milk, ascorbic acid (E 300), sulphates, chlorides and phosphates.
Probuda is successfully used in the bulgarian beekeeping practice for 12 years without adverse reactions.