Products for farm animals

The offered from Primavet-Sofia pack size of magnesium sulphate (in suitable for the veterinary surgeon package) helps in the administration of the exact dosage of the standardized substance magnesium sulphate at large animals.
Magnesium sulphate is a well known substance at all veterinary surgeons in the praxis.


  • Constipation
  • Improvement of appetite (at low dosage)
  • Anti-edema therapeutic substance at inflammations of organs in closed cavities (meningoencephalitis, pododermatitis, pleuritis,   pericarditis and other)
  • Liver diseases
  • Suppuration of wounds and fistulae (local hypertonic solution)


Stimulant, stabilizator and tonic for the digestive processes of the rumen at ruminants.
Primasan regulates the digestion by stimulating the biochemical processes and the motility of the rumen. Improves the microbial content of the ruminal fluid, intensify the ruminal motility, the eructation, the rumination and the appetite.