Products for pets

The combination of the three active substances and the successful compound with the excipients allow, with this composition to reach a good therapeutic effect at low toxicity in the initial stadium of acute eczema, when predominate exudative processes, in case of local alopecia, seborrhea and other skin diseases.
Eczematin C® - solution is to lay on skin, which before have to be cleaned, by a tampon 1 – 2 times daily during 6 – 8 days.

Otican has local antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, painkilling, cooling and deodorant effect on dogs. The protective effect of Otican in case of susceptibility to otitis is to be due to the optimal selection of its components.In case of itching, restlessness, shaking the head, rubbing the ears with paws, reddening and pain on the ear flap the treatment with Otican protect from development of otitis externa and media.

  • To suppress the active phase of the sexual cycle at dogs and cats;
  • For postponement of estrus at dogs and cats;
  • In case of pseudopregnancy at the bitch;
  • In case of satyriasis at male cat;
  • In case of chronic stomatitis at cats.


Paste for teeth of pets (dogs and cats) and mouthwash.

cleans and bleaches the teeth.
Freshens the breath.
Prevents the appearance of tartar on the teeth.

Vetident set:

  • Vetident whitening
  • Vetident antiseptic
  • Vetident mouthwash
Grease for softening and against skin fissures at the paws of dogs 30 g.

Maintains healthy the paws of the dog. Use before and after walk by coating the digital cushions and the claws. The dog’s moving, especially during the winter season, on mud, snow, ice and hard (asphalt and other) ground, sometimes prepared with chemicals (salt, alkaline solution), is a serious hardship for the epithelium of his paws.
In this case Sdrava lapa helps the dog to feel comfort and to be protected from the pain of wounds and following infections.