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Primavet - Sofia Ltd.

From a small company for manufacturing and marketing of veterinary and cosmetic products for animals and people to a globally recognized manufacturing company Primavet-Sofia Ltd. was established in 1993 specializing in the development, production, and trade in pharmaceutical products and feed for animals and also cosmetic products for animals and humans. Developed, released, and marketed 40 products. Primavet-Sofia Ltd. offers well-established, registered, and proven products for bees, pets, productive and non-productive animals. The veterinary medicine products for bees of Primavet-Sofia Ltd. are highly effective, easy to apply and dosage saves beekeepers' time and resources. Primavet-Sofia Ltd. has traditionally participated in national and international specialized scientific forums, exhibitions, and fairs. More than 75 articles, reports, and product announcements have been published. The company's specialists have delivered over 200 lectures in the country and abroad on topical health problems of bee families. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce of Bulgaria and GS1.

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