November 15th, 2019

Veterinary ambulatory

To the company "Primavet-Sofia" Ltd. since October, on the grounds of Art. 30, paragraph 1 of the Law on Veterinary Medicine, there is a registered veterinary institution - a veterinary ambulatory. The outpatient clinic is designed to serve bee families and pets.

At disposal of the customers in the veterinary ambulatory are:

Prof. Kalinka Gurgulova

Dr. Vera Popova

The outpatient clinic is located in the village Herakovo - 15 km from Sofia.

Phone: +359 878 601 534.

Work time:

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 4 pm


Monday - Friday: until 8 pm; Saturday: 10 am to 1 pm

Everyone is aware of the current problems with high bee mortality and high losses in the beekeeping sector. This is happening globally, including in Europe and Bulgaria. One of the main causes of these losses is poisoning and bee diseases.

The outpatient clinic is equipped with everything needed to make an accurate diagnosis. It employs specialized professionals with years of experience, proven professionalism and a responsible attitude to their patients and their caregivers.

The right direction in the course of treatment and prescription of medicines for the eradication of infectious diseases in bees, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis. Treatment of one disease with products intended for another bee disease usually ends fatal. Beekeepers have the practice of exchanging different treatment regimens, which in most cases are wrong, contain unregistered products or even prohibited substances harmful to bee families and farmers themselves. In this connection, we can also mention tall-story with regard to the huge amount of products offered, which are offered on social networks. Beekeepers need to be very careful when applying them.

Our veterinary clinic will help Bulgarian beekeepers to make the right decision and to make the right choice of products in the fight against bee diseases.

Outpatient specialists are available to consult and solve bee health problems. The beekeeper can contact the team directly by visiting the outpatient clinic or by phone.

We offer a wide range of services for beekeepers: there is an opportunity to visit and inspect apiary by our specialist, send samples of bees or courier files, diagnose and prescribe treatment, determine the degree of infestation, test mites resistance to mites various VMPs as well as giving advice.

Primavet-Sofia Ltd also registers a warehouse for wholesale of veterinary medicinal products, from where the beekeeper can buy medicines directly from us with a prescription from a veterinarian.

In the form of consultations, lectures, the beekeeping press, the newspaper "Healthy Bee" and the website of Primavet-Sofia Ltd. (, Bulgarian beekeepers will be informed about the spread of diseases present in Europe, but still the risks of their introduction, the most up-to-date methods and means for combating bee diseases based on literature data, the connection of our specialists with foreign researchers and their participation in various beekeeping forums in Bulgaria and abroad have not been ascertained.

With us beekeepers can always find actual information on individual diseases of bees.